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Broad-based knowledge with more than nine years of experience in interior design in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Successfully combines experience of residential and commercial interiors, designing furniture, architectural drafting and coordination, and construction documents with other specialists.


Julie Wimmer has led a project team to optimize prices (project preparation, tenders, implementation) in the course of the reconstruction of the Prague TV Tower (Zizkov Television Tower) - 2011. Achieved expenditure savings of 40%.
Julie Wimmer has been featured in various magazines and TV (National Qatari Television, Qatar, April 2012, Phoenix Magazine, China, March 2008, Cosmopolitan, Italy, October 2007 etc.)
LLC Books, USA publisher ranked as among one of the top Czech designers in the book: “Czech designers: Jan Kaplicky, Jiri Kroha, Eva Jiricna, Julie Wimmer, Zdenek Kovar, Borek Sipek, Martin Ludvik”


NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano) – Milano, Italy Graduated 2009

Master Program - Certificate "I Level Academic Master: Interior Design"

Secondary School, Ostrava, Czech Republic Graduated 1994

Exit Examination – A Levels



Luxury Apartment, 2012
Kejruv park, Prague 9, Czech Republic

Complete interior realization, including works and various crafts.

Private Apartment, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic
Children's Room

Private Apartment, 2012

Prague 6 - Repy, Prague, Czech Republic

Apartment for guests in the luxury villa, 2012

Kunratice, Prague 4
Complete interior design and realization

Per Te Restaurant, 2012

Prague 2
Adaptation of the interior

Private Apartment, 2012

Tavolnikova, Prague 4
Adaptation of the interior

Cabrha Diamonds, 2012

Tynska, Prague 1
Complete interior design and realization

Apartment, 2012

Prosek, Prague 8
Complete interior design and realization

Office Decorating, 2011

ExxonMobil, Prague, Czech Republic
Interior Decorating of Offices

Prague TV tower (Zizkov Television Tower), 2011

Prague, Czech Republic
Julie Wimmer manages the reconstruction of the interior of the tower.


More than 500 000 viewers

Every day thousands of viewers on Youtube views the interior design by Julie Wimmer. Julie now has a client base throughout the world including Europe, Asia a Africa.


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