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30 Dec

Cabrha Diamonds is a family company beeing engaged in exclusive production of the jewelry decorated with diamonds. The company is focused on jewelry jobbing according to clients wish and it features very unique design and precise finish. Except of few goldsmith's in the north of Moravia the company expanded in Prague.

The newly opened show-room is situated in Old Town at Tynska street, just few meters from Old Town Square.

30 Dec

Julie Wimmer was contacted by the client to work on the interior design of the apartment in the new-building before finishing of the building. In this case there was possibility to affect the design of the apartment from the start. The spacious apartment with the size of 115 m² is situated in the new-building in Prague 8.

30 Dec

The French journalist Caroline Bourgeret shooting for National Qatari Television addressed Julie Wimmer with the request to shoot a document focused on her work of the interior designer in the Czech Republic. Her shot should be a part of tree reports about well-known Czech designers from the field of fashion, interior and industrial design. The shooting with Julie Wimmer was held on 24.3. 2012 in Prague 9, in one of the apartment designed by her.

30 Dec

A young brave enterpriser rented a sales space in the centre of Prague. She decided to support a young creative people and to give them an oportunity to present and sale thein original works by her CVRK shop.

30 Dec

Considerable attention has recently been given a complete reconstruction of the TV tower in Zizkov in Prague. In April 2011, foreign investors chose Julie Wimmer to manage and coordinate all work associated with the Zizkov tower reconstruction. In recent weeks, changes took place in the project documentation, modifications, and interior design currently provides a selection building contractors and concluding contracts with selected suppliers.

30 Dec

Tento slunný apartmán se nachází v Praze v komplexu novostaveb v blízkosti parku a lesa. Vznikl propojením dvou bytů (každý s dispozicí 2kk). Výsledně byl vytvořen apartmán o rozloze 115 m2, a dispozicích 4kk. Z důvodu stavebních úprav a kompletních změn v dispozicích proběhla celková rekonstrukce prostoru. Majitelé bytu upřednostňovali světlý interiér s použitím průmyslové mozaiky na podlahách. Jelikož mají rádi moderní zařízení, tak se interiér zařizoval v tomto duchu.

30 Dec

The small apartment with the area of 50 m² has to satisfy lots of conditions of ideal apartment which is occupied by woman. The idea of the owner was to have a bedroom, living room and home office in one room. The kitchen is situated in the separate room as well as dressing room and bathroom with WC.

30 Dec

JWD got through the interior design of the apartment in Prague, Czech Republic. The apartment is situated in the superstructure of the house from the year 1989. A young successful lawyer bought this space in the original condition and decided to make the complete reconstruction.

30 Dec

Czech Designers: Jan Kaplický, Jiří Kroha, Eva Jiřičná, Julie Wimmer, Zdeněk Kovář, Bořek Šípek, Martin Ludvik

Product Details:
• Subject: Architecture / History / General
• Publisher: Books LLC (September 15, 2010)
• Reprinted: 2010, General Books, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

• Language: English
• ISBN-10: 1156341582
• ISBN-13: 978-1156341582

30 Dec

The 3D visualization Service offered by Julie Wimmer allows you to have in advance a view, which is very close to reality, of how a furnishing, interior design, etc., will look once it is completed. High quality rendering allows you to see and to feel future interior.

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