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Porch Happy: A Place for Hanging Out With Wine and the Dogs (7 photos)

7 Color Palettes for a Pleasing Entryway (7 photos)

When it comes to home decorating, the entry can be easy to overlook. But this little space offers the opportunity to create a welcoming and interesting vignette, especially through color. Whether you’re looking to greet an important visitor or simply want to beautify your home for your own enjoyment,...

Simplifying: What Items in Your Kitchen Are Just Taking Up Space? (9 photos)

My husband and daughter love to browse in kitchen stores and regularly come home with “interesting” kitchen gadgets: a spaetzle maker, an apple corer, an egg poacher. Although these tools are admittedly useful, as a professional organizer I cringe at the items that have only one purpose and take up valuable...

Our Favorite Garden Stools, Benches and Planters (121 photos)

Adding a bench or stool to your garden gives friends and family an excuse to relax at your abode, and charming pots and planters will fill your space with seasonal blooms and produce. This collection of our favorite garden picks will refresh your outdoor oasis and give you another reason to unwind...

Poolside Plantings: 9 Ideas for Easy-Care, Low-Mess Combinations (11 photos)

The right foliage and flowers can transform a pool area into a lush, secluded backyard oasis. But choose your plants carefully — poolside gardens can also create messy leaf drop and clogged filters and often, once planted, are tricky to dig up and change. Swimming pools can also create a microclimate...

8 Tips to Avoid Snafus With the Movers (8 photos)

From horror stories of lost, stolen and broken items to surprise charges tacked on to an already high bill, moving is not for the faint of heart. And after recently pitching in to help my mom through a downsizing and a big move, I’ve learned a few things about working with professional movers....

Updated Traditional Look for a Modern Classic (11 photos)

“At a time when so many people are asking for open-concept modern interiors, it was really refreshing to work with a family who unabashedly wanted a very traditional and formal home,” interior designer Emily Griffin says. This formal interior may be elegant but it’s far from fusty. Mixing antiques and...

11 Cool Shade Ideas for Summer (17 photos)

In the middle of the day, we often need to escape from the summer sun or take shelter from tropical showers that occasionally interrupt our afternoons. So some form of shade cover makes sense in the summer months, and it can help create an outdoor living area you’ll want to hang out in. Get inspired...

14 Design Tips You Might Have Missed This Week (17 photos)

Winning Combination: Wood and White in the Bedroom (12 photos)

When you think of a palette of wood and white, a sleek kitchen might come to mind, or even a modern sunroom. But this neutral and serene pairing can also be a winning combination for the bedroom. White adds a clean, calm feeling to a room, while the warm tones and organic textures of wood create...

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