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My Houzz: Contemporary Boho-Glam Style in Wine Country (33 photos)

7 Key Things to Establish When Planning a Master Bathroom (11 photos)

It’s hard for most of us to imagine now, but not too long ago, the average family home had just one small bathroom, which was seen purely as a utilitarian space for personal hygiene. Fast-forward 40 years or so, and en suites — secondary bathrooms adjoining the master bedroom that allow occupants not...

Want to Rent Out Your Basement? 6 Questions to Ask (8 photos)

With real estate prices high in many areas of North America, renting out part of your home could be an appealing way to help cover your mortgage. And if you’ve got a basement, it could offer great rental income potential. But first you need to size up your basement to see if it has what it takes to become...

My Houzz: Daring Experiments With Color in a Harlem Apartment (25 photos)

Up to 70% Off Vanities by Size (217 photos)

Sale ends February 25, 2018

Pet’s Place: Mouse the Dog Makes Design Work More Fun (10 photos)

Houzz Tour: Still Comfortable and Stylish in Stockholm (19 photos)

For a man whose work involves keeping a finger on the pulse of modern design, veteran magazine editor Svante Öquist spends quite a lot of his time cherishing the heritage of his home — a lovingly maintained modernist house built by architect Eskil Sundahl (1890-1974) in Stockholm as a sanctuary for himself...

If You’re Looking for a Little Design Inspiration, Think Big (13 photos)

At my recent visits to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Orlando, Florida, and the Interior Design Show in Toronto, both in January, I noticed several big trends. And “big” is the operative word here. I saw large-scale furniture and fixtures and lots of oversize art and decor. Designers know that...

How to Tell if Your Houseplant Needs Water (9 photos)

Keeping houseplants happy and healthy can often feel like a guessing game, particularly when it comes to how much water they need. Sure, the label might say “water once a week,” but how much water? There isn’t a clear-cut answer, since it’s different for every plant and specific to your home’s light...

Houzz Tour: Italian Stone Tower Gets Ready for the Beach (17 photos)

This small tower is part of a lush property that has been handed down from generation to generation in this Roman family since the 15th century. The most recent generation had little interest in the structure until their parents carried out a radical transformation. When it became a place to crash after...

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