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A Cool Color Palette Enhances Light in a Toronto Kitchen (4 photos)

Up to 65% Off Rustic and Industrial Bar Stools (187 photos)

Forged from wood, metal and leather, these bar stools give your design concept some legs to stand on. Shop this collection to create a rugged look in your kitchen or loft.
Sale ends January 21, 2018

The Unsung Hero of Rooms Everywhere (17 photos)

The sideboard as we know it today has been doing sterling storage work since the 18th century, so it’s clearly not a passing fad. When it first came onto the interiors scene, its place was firmly in the dining room, where it was primarily used to store napkins, cutlery and the like. Fast-forward to today,...

A Narrow, 53-Square-Foot Bathroom Goes Glam (8 photos)

Remodeling a 4-foot-7-inch-wide bathroom would be enough of a challenge. But for this remodel, interior designer Joe Human also had to work around building and structural restrictions. The bath was a part of a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn Heights, a historic neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Even...

Houzz Tour: Adobe Charm Opens to a Sleek Interior in New Mexico (8 photos)

Get Organized! And 6 More Ways to Make the Most of This Weekend (7 photos)

As we get deeper into January, it can be easy to let those New Year’s resolutions slide. Take some time this weekend to recommit to your goals: Clear a bit of clutter, take care of holiday returns and fill your kitchen with fresh, healthful foods. Then curl up under a cozy blanket with a good book and...

Dream Spaces: 7 Magical Treehouses and Backyard Forts (17 photos)

The idea of a treehouse as a secluded bird’s-eye retreat, hidden among the leaves and worlds away from daily life, is enough to inspire countless kids — and plenty of adults — the world over. Whether you’re looking for a space to inspire creative play for your children, a peaceful retreat for meditation...

8 Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of (8 photos)

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, and that can lead to some fun — and also to some frustrating dilemmas. If you’re having trouble coming up with the right bathroom mirror, try reflecting on the following out-of-the-ordinary ideas. They just might spark a useful idea for your space. ...

Bestselling Bar and Counter Stools (160 photos)

This collection offers stools in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. Browse below for Houzz Shop’s bestselling perches to furnish your kitchen island or bar.

10 Lightweight, Versatile Furniture Pieces for Frequent Movers (10 photos)

If you’re renting (or move frequently), you know how challenging it can be to get settled in a new space. Large, heavy pieces of furniture can get stuck in doorways and snagged on stairs. And even once they’re inside, some of your pieces may not work as well in the new space. What to do? Think small,...

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