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How to Choose the Perfect Bedsheets (16 photos)

Think about the most comfortable bed you've ever slept in, and what comes to mind? If it's the sheets, you're in good company. Because they come in direct contact with our skin, sheets are as important as a quality mattress and cozy blanket in sending us off to dreamland. The sheer variety...

Kitchen of the Week: Preservation Instincts Create Vintage Modern Style (8 photos)

Anne and Richard DeWolf's formula for modern vintage design comes from years of experience: preserve what you can, salvage whenever possible and stay true to your style. The owners of design-build firm Arciform, the DeWolfs put their...

Your Mini Guide to Great Garden Edges (6 photos)

Most of our landscapes have an assortment of materials plants, mulch, gravel,...

Let There Be Light: The Year of James Turrell


The Guggenheim exhibition is just one part of what may be called the Year of Turrell.

10 Ways to Get Your Living Room in the Summer Spirit (10 photos)

Summer begs for a more relaxed approach to decorating chill out in an indoor hammock, replace a door with airy mosquito netting, and stress less about feet on the sofa (hint: use slipcovers). Get 11 ways to update your living room for easy summer living below.

Guest Picks: Score Points With a Minecraft-Inspired Bedroom (19 photos)

If you have a child between the ages of 6 and 13, chances are you've heard of the computer game Minecraft. Perhaps you use "Minecraft minutes" as currency in your household? Or hand your kids the electronic devices when you absolutely need to get some work done? (Yep, guilty.) My kids' obsession got...

When You Need Real Housekeeping Help (6 photos)

I have a confession to make: I watched Dance Moms on Lifetime this weekend. It's my favorite vice (and for the record, no, I do not watch Honey Boo Boo Child.) While I was watching, a promo for a new Lifetime series, Devious Maids,...

Improve Your Love Life With a Romance-Ready Bedroom (7 photos)

Sex. Lets just get that word out of the way right now. Because theres no reason to shy away from the topic. We want it, and we want to know how to get more of it. And while there are plenty of factors to blame "I'm too tired"; "My partner is too tired"; "Lets just watch another...

The Mightiest Little Table You'll Ever Have (8 photos)

I have a crush on little drink tables. Who knew a petite piece of furniture could fit such large needs? Smaller than a side table and taller than a stool, drink tables go where other tables fear to tread. Whether next to a quiet corner chair in the bedroom or a seat across from the sofa, there...

Detox Your Kitchen for the Healthiest Cooking (8 photos)

Most of us strive to fill our kitchen with the healthiest foods possible for ourselves and our families. But many of us don't stop to think about potential health hazards in our kitchen itself. Improperly vented gas stoves, Teflon-coated pans and particleboard cabinetry made with formaldehyde-laden...

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