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Kitchen of the Week: Historic Charm and Modern Sensibility (9 photos)

Highest-Rated Area Rugs (115 photos)

These rugs have earned high marks for making a space feel comfortably chic. Bring out your signature style with this collection of favored patterns, materials and colors.

New This Week: 3 Cozy and Calm Bedrooms (3 photos)

Sure, your bed will be the main determining factor in creating a relaxing bedroom. But the overall decor plays a big role as well. Go too heavy on the decorating and your bedroom can feel overly busy and energizing — not an ideal combination for helping you chill out. The following three bedrooms embrace...

Data Watch: Renovation Firms Continue Long Optimistic Streak (9 photos)

Renovation professionals feel strongly optimistic about the demand for their services in the third quarter of 2017, according to the latest Houzz Renovation Barometer report. The quarterly index tracks optimism among architects, designers, general contractors and remodelers, design-build...

Before and After: Brass Warms a White-and-Gray Bathroom (9 photos)

Houzz Tour: Midcentury Revival on the California Coast (8 photos)

Data Watch: Homeowners on Keeping — or Ditching — the Master Tub (11 photos)

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, few decisions are more controversial than whether to keep the tub. We’ve noticed that a vocal group thinks bathtubs are unnecessary,...

Plant Fritillary Bulbs for Something a Little Different (7 photos)

All fritillaries (Fritillaria spp.) have bell-shaped dropping flowers, but otherwise you might never guess they’re related. Some, such as the imperial fritillary, are tall and in-your-face, while others, such as the checkered lily, are shorter and subtler. Some have clumps of leaves that reach...

Kitchen Fix: Where to Hang the Dish Towels (16 photos)

It seems simple enough to find a spot to hang your dish towel in the kitchen. But you need it handy and you need it to dry. And on a shallower level, it’s nice if it looks nice too. These hardworking pieces of cloth are small but important to the operation of a kitchen, so let’s take a look at the options....

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