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Houzz Tour: Rainbow of Colors Reigns Supreme in Century City (12 photos)

The Basics and Essentials of Natural Cleaning Solutions (13 photos)

Many commercial home cleaning products emit harmful chemicals into the air or leave residues that pose various health risks identified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Savvy shoppers can pay more attention to labels and buy more environmentally friendly products, but you can also create your own...

Highest-Rated Bar Stools for Every Budget (157 photos)

Outfit your kitchen island with stools that have the accolades of Houzz shoppers. With options in every style, items in this collection will win you over too.

Ceiling-Mounted Curtain Tracks Open Up Possibilities (9 photos)

Curtains don’t have to hang from wall-mounted rods or tracks. Systems that attach to ceilings instead can make a huge difference in how curtains look, adding a sense of height and drama. They’re also practical if, for example, there’s little or no wall space above a window or door. See how a ceiling-mounted...

Empty Nesters Get the Classic White Kitchen They Always Wanted (5 photos)

4 Lessons I Learned About Color in 2017 (26 photos)

30 Creative Backyard Retreats From Around the Globe (38 photos)

Whether you need to house an aging parent, prefer a separate space for guests or crave a quiet spot of your own to write that bestselling novel, it may be time to reimagine your backyard. As these inspirational outbuildings from around the world reveal, backyard retreats come in all shapes and sizes....

Add Warmth and Personality to Your Kitchen With a Runner Rug (24 photos)

Laying down an area rug is a great way to bring warmth, color and personality to any room in the home, especially those with hard floors that can benefit from a little softening. For this reason, a runner rug can make a great addition to your kitchen — yes, your kitchen — as long as you approach it the...

Throw Pillow Master Class: How to Choose and Style Like a Pro (13 photos)

Brightly colored and patterned pillows are a fabulous way to jazz up your sofa or bed, but getting the combination just right can be harder than it looks. Mixing patterns, hues and sizes in a cohesive way is an art in itself, whether you’re decorating a casual living room or a more formal space. Sarah...

What to Plant Instead of Heavenly Bamboo (13 photos)

Heavenly bamboo (Nandina domestica), also known as sacred bamboo, is a commonly used landscape shrub native to Asia, from India to Japan. The attractiveness of Nandina is in part its adaptability to a range of conditions, as well as the number of its available cultivars, seasonal fall foliage...

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