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How to Clean Your Windows and Keep Them Streak-Free (8 photos)

Have you ever sat in your favorite chair and looked out the window, only to see streaks and smears? Or looked out the kitchen window, only to see a community of spiders and bugs all over your screens? Windows can be a challenge to clean. But here are nine tips, trick and tools that will make your windows...

How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror (22 photos)

It’s easy to overlook a mirror. After all, when we look at one, we see a reflection of so many other things before we even see the mirror itself. But a good mirror is an essential component to many rooms, especially your bathroom. There are many options for size, style and shape to choose from, so I’ve...

Bestselling Lighting With Free Shipping (172 photos)

Put your home in the best light possible with this extensive collection of fixtures. Illuminate foyers with chandeliers or light your hallway with a path of flush mounts on the ceiling. And for added glow in the dining room, sconces are a perfect choice to frame your sideboard.



Fire-Wise Landscapes Can Help Keep Your Home and Property Safe (14 photos)

Firescaping incorporates the design of the landscape and property surrounding a home to lessen its susceptibility to fire. This can be achieved through a well-thought-out landscape design plan that specifies less combustible plants, incorporates fire-resistant materials and follows the advice and guidelines...

My Houzz: Multipurpose Furniture in a Cozy Downtown D.C. Rental (16 photos)

8 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas (15 photos)

I don’t know about your neighborhood, but in mine people go all-out with their Halloween decorating. Houses and yards are covered in giant spiders, gravestones, skeletons and more. If that all sounds intimidating, don’t fret — Halloween can be fun and easy to decorate for without having to involve a...

10 Fun Ideas for Decorating With Pumpkins, No Carving Required (11 photos)

There are plenty of reasons to get creative with pumpkins without pulling out the carving knives. For starters, you won’t have to deal with messy pumpkin pulp, and you can enjoy a pumpkin — or any other hard-skin squash — that’s kept intact for much longer. Check out these 10 ideas for decorating with...

Look What Tile Can Do Now: 9 Versatile New Finishes (10 photos)

Few imitations can truly compete with the real thing, but porcelain stoneware tile, which can be made to imitate a variety of finishes, has many advantages, including resistance to scratching and staining as well as overall durability. Add to that a competitive price tag and a reduced environmental impact,...

Houzz Tour: Details Shine in Updated Brooklyn Brownstone (15 photos)

Ceiling Fans With Free Shipping (154 photos)

Cool off your space with these ceiling fans that ship for free. Put a modern spin on things with sleek fixtures or look to innovative designs with foldable blades.

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