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Beachy Chic Walk-Out Basement Opens to the View (14 photos)

These 10 Familiar Objects Are the Wall Art We’re Looking For (11 photos)

There are plenty of ways to give life to bare walls without splurging on paintings or sculpture. With some creative placement, a colorful collection of vintage bingo cards, weather vanes, a gnarled branch, mismatched framed mirrors or anything else you like can become an eye-catching wall installation...

How to Clean Your Fireplace Surround (7 photos)

There are few better ways to spend a chilly winter’s day than in front of a cozy fireplace. But even if you use your fireplace only once or twice a season, it still needs to be cleaned and cared for correctly. Of all the things you can clean with just soap and water, soot is not one of them. Cleaning...

DIY: Jewelry Tray Takes the Form of a Leaf (15 photos)

Bestselling Vanities With Free Shipping (163 photos)

Houzz Tour: A Tokyo Apartment Plays With Light and Shadow (16 photos)

A couple who work in design-related professions chose this Tokyo apartment for its size and convenient layout. They had been looking for a place with about 540 square feet (50 square meters) and liked that this apartment had several functional rooms, rather than one big space that would not be optimally...

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