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How to Prune Your Fruit Trees in Winter (11 photos)

We all look forward to seeing our fruit trees laden with sweet fruit in the warmer months of the year, but without proper pruning in winter, the quality and amount of fruit produced may be disappointing. Pruning and selectively removing branches are also vital parts of keeping your tree healthy, while...

10 Style-Boosting Design Ideas for Your Houseplant Collection (12 photos)

Houseplants of all shapes and sizes can brighten a room, help improve air quality and generally bring more life to indoor spaces. How you display houseplants — particularly if you’ve accumulated a lot of them — can have a big impact on whether your houseplant collection looks like an intentional part...

Houzz Tour: Picture-Perfect Views Decorate a Modern House (14 photos)

This home’s 23-foot-wide front window frames the scenery of the Izumo Plain, a rural area on the southwest of Japan’s main island. The panorama includes a far-off mountain range, and it changes with the seasons and ambient light. It could be called a living painting. A second picture window opposite...

Before and After: 9 Small-Bathroom Transformations That Wow (18 photos)

In 2017, we featured lots of inspiring bathroom remodels, but it was the small bathroom transformations that really had us saying wow. Many times, we could hardly believe it was the same space.
Let’s take a look at nine bathroom


How to Simplify Your Life, All Year Long (12 photos)

If you’re hoping to make 2018 the year you finally simplify your life, here is a month-by-month guide to making your home feel more spacious and your schedule lighter. Take a look now to see which projects you might want to put on your list, and then save it to your...

Houzz Tour: Concrete, Color and Geometric Designs in Moscow (20 photos)

The owners of this Moscow apartment were not afraid of bold design choices. When architecture studio Le Atelier presented them with several options, they went straight for the most radical plan. The finished design uses color and geometry to create zones within a complex layout.

Pet’s Place: Cat Furniture Creations Take Over the House (14 photos)

8 Tips for Keeping Your Houseplants Healthy This Winter (11 photos)

Winter can be one of the easiest times to accidentally kill your houseplants. Lower light levels, dry air and temperature fluctuations with indoor heat can all create challenging growing conditions. Without switching up your care routine, your best intentions — such as keeping the soil moist — can cause...

Your Favorite Living Room Picks (148 photos)

A common area for sharing stories and laughs with family and friends, your living room should be a comfortable, stylish space that lends itself to long chats and memorable moments. Give your space a top-to-bottom refresh, or simply swap a few key pieces for a look that feels like new. Shop this...

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