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Inspiring Alternatives to the Traditional Front Lawn (13 photos)

Lawns have their place in the American landscape. They are visually uncomplicated and easy on the eyes. As play surfaces, most turfgrass types are able to take some abuse and are relatively easy on the abusers. But it is safe to say we have way more lawn than is needed, considering all the other options...

1920s Guest Bathroom Gets an Update for an Extended Family (6 photos)

How to Refresh Your Bathroom on Any Budget (7 photos)

When you’re ready to do more than just upgrade the towel situation, but you aren’t quite ready for a full bathroom renovation, consider planning a bathroom refresh. By not tampering with the layout (or adding square feet), you can bring costs way down while making some pretty major changes. Whether...

Holiday Front Door Decor Under $75 (178 photos)

Great first impressions count — especially if it doesn’t cost much to make one. Shop this collection to usher in the holidays.

Industrial Touches Shine in a Charming Black-and-White Kitchen (4 photos)

These New Jersey homeowners thought they needed some help just with paint colors when they called on designer Rob Stuart to decorate a home they were building on a cul-de-sac with Manhattan views. But when Stuart arrived with his vision for an industrial yet comfortable kitchen for this young,...

Houzz Tour: The Rebirth of an 18th-Century Connecticut Farmhouse (12 photos)

8 Trends From the Most Popular New Kitchens on Houzz (10 photos)

It’s fun to try to predict what the most popular new photos on Houzz will be. (For the record, my money would have been on a modern farmhouse look in the kitchen, but I was wrong.) We measured the popularity of the newest photos by how many people added them to their personal...

Plant Easygoing Grape Hyacinth for Reliable Repeat Blooms (10 photos)

Grape hyacinths (Muscari spp.) are truly plant-and-forget bulbs. Get them in the ground in fall, and then come spring — and for years to come — their distinctive, relatively long-lasting blooms and sweet, light fragrance will add ground-level color to your garden. They get their name from their...

Hit the Mark With Creative House Numbers (12 photos)

Think of house numbers as the frosting on the cake of your home’s exterior — a detail that adds the finishing touch to the front yard. Instead of settling for something ordinary, consider something that expresses your style and bumps up the curb appeal. These nine examples use unexpected materials and...

Data Watch: The Most Popular Master Bath Splurges This Year (7 photos)

If you’re considering remodeling your master bathroom, which features do you most want to upgrade? If you’re like a large contingent of renovating homeowners who shared their priorities with Houzz recently, your shower area may top the list.

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