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A Peninsula Comes Down and a Kitchen Opens Up (6 photos)

Houzz Tour: A Climate-Responsive Home for an Architect’s Family (12 photos)

It can’t get more personal than when an architect designs his family home. For Teo Yee Chin, principal architect of Singapore’s Red Bean Architects, the project his firm calls Brick House was exactly that. Asked to what degree the owners were involved with the design, he says: “They were very much involved...

How to Nail Design Decisions Like a Pro (9 photos)

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to achieving a stylish, practical and coordinated look in your home. Designers who make the process look effortless tend to have years of experience and a few tricks up their sleeve. Follow these insider tips to help you make design decisions with confidence....

Is It Over for Subway Tile? (11 photos)

Subway tile has been a staple on kitchen and bathroom walls for the past decade and still seems to be going strong, but does the emergence of some beautiful tile trends signal the end of the line for it? We look at five popular subway substitutes and then make a case for sticking with the classic tile....

Try Slatted Wood Walls to Define Spaces and Add Privacy (10 photos)

There are many reasons to add a slatted wood wall to your home. It can help solve problems with flow, privacy and sunlight. It is a great way to add character and charm to your home, without sacrificing light or views. These unique structures make for an interesting, contemporary way to define spaces...

My Houzz: Calming Style in a Chicago Brick Tudor Bungalow (26 photos)

Bestselling Vanities With Free Shipping (151 photos)

‘New Minimalism’ Book Offers Fresh Ideas for Decluttering (7 photos)

The new year offers a fresh start, and many of us are looking for ways to cut down on clutter and clear the slate. But even with the best intentions, it can be tough to get started on tasks like cleaning out the closet or digging into those boxes in storage. It can be even tougher...

7 Ideas for What to Put Behind Your Bed (7 photos)

What to Do When Your Pipes Freeze (9 photos)

When you go to turn on your faucets on a frigid day and nothing or only a trickle runs out, it’s the one time you hope you’ve forgotten to pay the water bill. But that’s wishful thinking and you know it, so panic sets in — your pipes are frozen, and if those suckers burst, your house could be a flood...

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