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Oh Yeah, There’s a Snake in the House (9 photos)

I remember every snake I’ve ever seen in my life: dead, alive, “in real life,” in a movie, from neighbors’ photos on Nextdoor, in a terrifying story on my Daily Mail app.
Around Halloween I avoid a street where I know a house has two fake cobras on the wall along the sidewalk. In fact,


10 Wallpaper Patterns for Atmospheric Spaces (10 photos)

Wallpaper, even more so than paint, has an almost magical ability to transform a room. Give your home a good vibe with one of these beautiful wallpapers — including William Morris florals, antique maps, book patterns and fairy tale-inspired designs.

Up to 65% Off Rustic and Industrial Bar Stools (166 photos)

Forged from wood, metal and leather, these bar stools give your design concept some legs to stand on. Shop this collection to create a rugged look in your kitchen or loft.
Sale ends January 10, 2018.

Houzz Tour: Vacation Home in Italy Stays in Touch With Its Roots (14 photos)

Can you really preserve the essence of an ancient Apulian masseria, or fortified farmhouse, while adapting it to a family’s vacation needs? This was the dilemma Studio Talent architects were asked to solve when they were hired to restore this farmhouse in Ostuni, Italy. They chose to go...

New This Week: 3 Wildly Patterned Kitchen Backsplashes (6 photos)

My Houzz: Theater and Photography Take Center Stage in Rome (17 photos)

This apartment in Rome belongs to photo editor and creative director Irene Alison and theater director Marcello Cotugno. With the help of architects from Matca Studio, who carried out the renovation and designed the interior, it fits the owners’ views on life and style. The spaces are bright, interconnected...

Kitchen of the Week: Saving What Works in a Wide-Open Floor Plan (8 photos)

The Key Ingredient Your Entry May Be Missing (16 photos)

If you feel as though your front entry is missing something, there’s a design move that could fix it right up. The right mirror can bounce light around, serve as an art-like piece, make the space feel larger and give you a chance to check your teeth for poppy seeds before you venture out into the world....

Houzz Tour: More Living Room and Light in a Minnesota Update (9 photos)

Houzz Tour: Italian Dry-Stone Huts Meet Modern Glass (12 photos)

It’s not unusual to see the trulli — traditional dry-stone huts with distinctive conical roofsthat dot the Apulian countryside in southern Italy returned to life with original materials and techniques. Architect Enrico Maria Cicchetti went a step further, however, extending this trullo...

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