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Apartment with a touch of women - Photogallery restoration

30 Dec

The small apartment with the area of 50 m² has to satisfy lots of conditions of ideal apartment which is occupied by woman. The idea of the owner was to have a bedroom, living room and home office in one room. The kitchen is situated in the separate room as well as dressing room and bathroom with WC.

To realize the above mentioned wishes of the owner was important to divide the main room into three zones. The sleeping zone includes a bed with the storage underneath and a bedside table. The low chests separate the bedroom from the living room. There is possibility to draw the curtain and make a private space if necessary. The zone of living room is furnished by sofa which could be used as an extra bed. The coffee table could be moved aside simply to create a wide space for the expansion of the sofa. You can watch the TV from the bed, sofa or from the chair which is a part of the home office. The L shaped office desk guarantees enough space for the work. The ideal placement of the desk ensures sufficient nature light from the large window. The whole space is designed with furniture from light shade material, violet color is used on wall paper, sofa and bed.

The kitchen is equipped with all modern appliances as is dishwasher, microwave, hotplate etc. There is also dinning part which includes round table with four chairs. The colors are combinations of white and dark brown with a little touch of violet.
To get a bathroom with a bath was necessary to destroy the original wall dividing a bathroom from the toilet and use a small part of the space from the corridor. In the end we got a nice space for the corner bath. The bathroom is combined with white and black color. The big mirror adds a volume to the space.
The corridor was used mainly for the storage space that is why there are cabinets from the floor until the ceiling. The white wall paper gives a great decorative touch to the space.
The owner is very happy with the complete reconstruction and with the final interior design. She got everything what she wished and she feels very comfortable in her new home. Her dreams became a truth…

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