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The apartment in the new-building

30 Dec

Julie Wimmer was contacted by the client to work on the interior design of the apartment in the new-building before finishing of the building. In this case there was possibility to affect the design of the apartment from the start. The spacious apartment with the size of 115 m² is situated in the new-building in Prague 8.

The whole apartment is connected through the unique floor covering namely in the pattern of patinated oak boards. The different pattern was used in the bathroom and WC, there are tiles with stone pattern. The client requested floor with easy keeping, high lifetime, scratch resistence and warm surface. On this account the vinyl flooring was chosen into the whole space. Doors and doorframes were in tune with the color of the floor. The batroom lay-out was changed. The shower bath was situated in the end and in width of the room so that very comfortable space for the showering of two person arose.

The main living space 50 m² large is connected with kitchen and two terraces. The living room is optically separated from the kitchen by the pillar which is stone-faced and used for the placing of the bio fireplace which is visible nearly from all the angeles. The living room furniture is made from the solid teak wood. The kitchen unit is in the contrast with the natural materials and is made from high glossy material with the grey and black sink unit. The RGB LED lights which are placed in the lower ceiling create pleasent atmosphere thanks to different variety of the colors which makes interesting colour effects on the white surface of the kichen unit. The kitchen equipment is komplete there are washer, american freezer with ice maker, induction hob, built-in microwave and oven and digestor.

The bedroom is not so big and it is purposefully furnished with the king size bed and wardrobe along of the whole wall length so that the couple would have enough storage. The home office is furnished with the original furniture from the previous apartment. The final look of the hall is smaller because of the huge built-in wardrobe used mainly for the storage of the winter clothes and sportswear. To make it look bigger there were used the mirror doors on the wardrobe.

The whole apartment is comprised of soft, warm earth tones rating. The final look of the apartment is very cosy and the owner is completely satisfied with the final impression.

Julie Wimmer

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