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CABRHA Diamonds

30 Dec

Cabrha Diamonds is a family company beeing engaged in exclusive production of the jewelry decorated with diamonds. The company is focused on jewelry jobbing according to clients wish and it features very unique design and precise finish. Except of few goldsmith's in the north of Moravia the company expanded in Prague.

The newly opened show-room is situated in Old Town at Tynska street, just few meters from Old Town Square.

You can find the show-room in the historical house and it is placed on two floors. The spaces is devided into the entrance sales room, the custom room, director’s office and the main gallery is hidden in the basement.

There was necessary to furnish the whole space even if some parts of the interior had to be kept because it was a part of the original space.
The original idea of one of the owners was to furnish the space with rather antique style to have the connection with the historical character of the building with the arcades. On the basis of this idea was made the first proposal of the interior by JWD. During the discussion with the other partners the customer took the view that the space should be furnished in the modern but still clasical style which correspond with the company philosophy, which keeps tradition of the goldsmith's trade but after all the design of the jewelry matches present time. It is very youthful, fresh and modern.

On the basis of this demand Julie Wimmer proposed the new interior design. The all furniture was tailor made according to the JW drawings. The company colors of Cabrha Diamonds dominate in the space – the grey color was used for the wall paintings so the white arched ceiling could excel. The furniter is in the mahagony color and white additional color is used for the inside space of the show cases so the beauty of the jewerly mostly from white gold is fully highlighting by LED light.

The company logo is one of the very important element of the interior. The logo is placed on the house facade but also on the wall in the sale room and in the office of director. The finish of the logo is very easy but very effective.

The interior is decorated by framed photos of the jewelry which was designed and produced by Cabrha company. The enlarged format makes great visibility of the all details of the luxurious jewelry so the client is able to see the preciouse work of the Czech goldsmiths and endless fantasy of the jewerly designers from Cabrha company.

Julie Wimmer

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