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30 Dec

ProfessionalsArchitectural study and interior project. On the client’s invitation I spent few weeks on Praslin Island to see the place where will be built the fishing plant. I was discovering the chosen location. The position of the plant will be in the populated zone on the coast next to the pier and opposite the old fishing plant which was change into the souvenir shop.

30 Dec

PhyllopteryxComplete interior realization, including works and various crafts. Change of Jagr bar into Irish pub at Wenceslaw Square in Prague. The realization was in progress during operations of the pub. All the changes were done with reference to the registered national landmark. The original appointments had to be kept, that is why the adaptations were more complicated.

30 Dec

OptionsInterior project. An enclosed complex of 13 luxury villas will be constructed in an exclusive locality with a unique view of Funchal and the ocean, in the middle of charming countryside and in the immediate vicinity of eucalyptus forest and levadas. In the vicinity of the residential area is a luxury hotel and a spa resort Choupanna hills, a newly constructed first league football stadium, golf course, and a botanical garden.

30 Dec

News FlashInterior Study. The original lay-out of the restaurant is not practical and functional neither for guests or for service. The restaurant is placed on the ground and on the first floor . Access to the top floor is by sideward stairs, which create unused space underneath. The restaurant space is separated from the disco by a glass wall. In the middle of that wall is the entrance into the restaurant. The narrow alley leads to the bar and to the stairs at the sides.

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